Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dell Inspiron 6000

Personally, the Dell Inspiron have been my favorite laptop group among the Dell laptop computers.

Dell Inspiron 6000
Dell Inspiron 6000

I use the Dell Inspiron 6000, and since i bought it from a friend, it has not disappointed me before. Look at this, i bought it after 1 year that my friend bought it, and i have used it for 1 year and 8 months, and i have not had a reason to call for help from a repairer.

read the part 2...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dell XPS 2010

I was personally impressed when i came across the Dell XPS 2010 notebook computer. But some of the things that pissed me off is the fact that it is too expensive, its TV tuner is not built-in, including other A/V connections.

Dell XPS 2010
Dell XPS 2010

Again, if you are a mobile user, you cannot consider purchasing this notebook computer because it is very heavy. I am sure you would need to carry about with a truck...

dell XPS 2010 notebook black
XPS 2010 notebook black

But above all, the Dell XPS 2010 laptop notebook is a perfect machine for a home user who can afford it. Its multimedia effects are just to much for one person to handle, and you simply get the value for your money.

Dell XPS 2010 all views
all views

Here are some comments made by users of the Dell XPS 2010 laptop notebook:

- How can i purchase of laptop weighing 18.3 pounds? That's crazy. I would rather buy a desktop computer because it is as good as useless.

notebook Dell XPS M2010
notebook Dell XPS M2010

Although i enjoy all its features, ranging from multimedia to security, but the bottom line is i can't buy it because it is too heavy.

- Apart from the weight thing, i love it whenever i am at home. At first, i used it in the office, but i later had it moved to my house because it is needed more at home when i am relaxing than in the office when i am busy.

Dell Xps M2010 Laptop Computer
Dell Xps M2010 Laptop Computer

My kids have been having a good time with its gaming capabilities, and i am impressed they like it.

Although, i had a hard time purchasing it for $4,200, but i have adjusted to the fact that, it is needed in my home.

- I love it, i love its weight, i love everything about Dell XPS 2010 notebook computer. It has its Bluetooth feature, good graphics chipset, sound and fast processor, and solid spacious hardware. Who would not love such a machine...

Dell Inspiron 6000 part 2

These are some of the features that stole my heart away.
You can stay connected wherever you find yourself with the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile broadband3 features. I have had opportunuties to get connected to the internet when i was on vacation with my family in California, when i go mountain climbing and anywhere i need to the internet.

Dell Inspiron 6000
Dell Inspiron 6000 white

The resolution of the screen is so wonderful, about 1920x1200. How many laptops computers have such resolution? Again, the screen size is 15.4-inch which is not considered as large or small.

Dell Inspiron 6000
Inspiron 6000

I love that size and it is comfortable for me. There were times i had to work on some high resolution pictures, and i discovered it gives me a better effect than you can even get on other screen resolution of that size.

Top of Dell Inspiron 6000
Top of Dell Inspiron 6000

The battery life again is not that bad. I have been using my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop computer, an i havent changed the battery. It averagely runs for about 5 hours, which is ok for me. Although, if it can be better, i don't mind, but what can i do? The battery cell is a six-cell type, bt it still functions well enough.

Dell Inspiron 6000 bottom view
Inspiron 6000 bottom view

The weight, yeah this is the part i didn't love very much. I weighs about 7.5 pounds. I consider this as heavy because i was using a Gateway laptop notebook previously, and i think i got used to that weight, which about 2.5 pounds, you should scream...

Dell Inspiron 6000 on top of XPS2 front view
6000 on top of XPS2 front view

But it hasn't been much of a problem because i am always on the road during weekends, because my family lives in Michigan. So, i guess that makes me a partial road user. It is a wonderful laptop for that purpose aside its weight.

Dell 6000 on top of Dell Inspiron XPS2 left side view
Dell 6000 on top of XPS2 left side view

Well, personally, i am not impressed with the keyboard arrangements of the Dell Inspiron. It gets clumped up together eventhough there is enough space to go round. But i guess that is Dell's design. Some of the keys are so hidden, that you have to take your time to find it out.

Dell 6000 (left) and XPS2 side-by-side
6000 (left) and XPS2 side-by-side

Well, that all about what i didn't like, but the Dell Inspiron 6000 is an amazing laptop computer with functions, that are uncompared to other laptop computers.

Dell Latitude D531

Here are some comments of this laptop users.

This laptop is very cheap for what it provides. I bought it in 2006 April, and it is very ok for my use. I simply recommend it to you because it has all the features you need.

Dell  Latitude D531
Dell Latitude D531 extra quality photo

This is a good review, even though I cannot stand this particular notebook computer. My company issued me a D531. I travel on business 50% of the time. I am a VMWare power user. I cannot stand this laptop. It is a very heavy system, making it a joy to carry in the field. As pointed out in the review, there is no pointing stick. I have clock issues with VMWare guests, because of the AMD dual core processors. If you are purchasing hardware for your company, do us a favor and go with a D630...

Its processor type is ok too, the AMD type which is cool by me.
Come on... what are you waiting for...

Latitude D531 Dell 2006
Latitude D531 2006

Thanks.. I will take that as consideration and purchase that laptop from my cousin tomorrow. I have nothing to lose right? He's selling it for 250. Thats a pretty great deal.

Dell Latitude D531 laptop
Latitude D531 laptop

My fiance has a D531 and it feels really light....a colleague at work has the smaller D630 and it is definately noticeably heavier.

I'm gettign one from school... thanks, just wanted to know how it was and what it looked like.

Dell Latitude D630

This is a light-weighted, thin, and business laptop notebook.

Dell Latitude D630
Dell Latitude D630

It combines a lot of features such as excellent battery life and amazing performance. The fact that this laptop is slim and light makes it reckoned by many business class professionals.

Dell Latitude D630 left side view
left side view

Look at these: It is a solid Nvidia graphics card which gives you a wonderful display, allowing you to have fun with your laptop. Its weight is about 5.1 lb. Amazingly light, don't you think so? There are also wireless connectivity features that provides wireless users unlimited access anywhere they find themselves.

Latitude D630 black front view
Latitude D630 black front view

Also coupling its security features, you should rush for this laptop without looking back.

Dell latitude series

If you only think of Dell as a company that makes funky and laptops that don't get a chart record, you better think again.

Dell latitude series laptops
Dell latitude series laptops

Dell Latitude laptops have been among the best laptop notebook made by Dell. It incorporates many features that offers user the ability to enjoy their laptop.

Dell Latitude laptops

Take for instance having a laptop with a poor battery life, a slow processor, a poor screen display, and many others, but the Dell Latitude have recorded many outstanding records in all the aspects in have earlier mentioned.

Dell Latitude - Ultra-Portable notebook
Dell Latitude - Ultra-Portable notebook

I should show you examples of Dell latitude laptops.

Dell XPS M1330

I can briefly mention the Dell XPS M1330 also, which is not a bad laptop compared to the Dell XPS M1710.

Dell XPS M1330
Dell XPS M1330

It is very portable, with a screen display size of 13.3-inch. It also uses an Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a speed of 2.4GHz. This is marvelous.

dell XPS M1330 photos
XPS M1330 2462px × 1713px dimension

Again, you have a RAM of 4GB, and a hard drive of 250GB. This is too much for the space you need for saving your files, and programs.

dell very portable XPS M1330
very portable XPS M1330

There are also many other features in this amazing laptop computer. Why don't you walk around a store and pick it up rather than reading this discussion.

Dell XPS M1710

Having any Dell XPS is like having a laptop computer that has a record of good gaming performance, and many other multimedia features.

Dell XPS laptops
Dell XPS laptop colour range

There are many Dell XPS laptop computers today, but having one will put you in the position to feel proud.

Dell XPS m1710 red
Dell XPS m1710 red

I happened to come across the Dell XPS M1710 in 2006, and i couldn't resist the feel. It simple has everything i needed. Its gaming capabilities were super, its screen reslution and features were outstanding, its multimedia features can be mentioned because they are numerous.

Dell XPS M1710 black
Dell XPS M1710 black

Dell XPS M1710 quality photos
M1710 extra high quality photos

Dell's Gaming Laptop XPS M1710
Dell's Gaming Laptop

The Dell XPS M1710 has once been awarded the best gaming laptop, and this is another why it is very expensive. I should reserve the cost to the end of the discussion.

Dell XPS M1710 red, metallic black
red, metallic black colors

First, let me show you it graphics card. It uses the latest nVidia release of graphics card which is the GeForce Go 7950 GTX. If you know what i mean, you should go get your Dell XPS M1710. This laptop is just wonderful. This is the most important thing that is checked when it comes to gaming laptops.

Dell XPS M1710 Warcraft
Warcraft design

But it doesn't end there. The processor of this machine also gives it a capability that is uncompared. It uses an Intel Core 2 Duo T7600G processor which is the latest release of Intel. How can they possibly put together all latest releases of hardware and not want it to be outstanding.

Dell gaming laptop XPS M1710
Dell gaming laptop

Secondly, i will show you its wireless networking of 802.11n which gives you undenied access anywhere you find yourself. Recently, a lot of people have always considered this wireless connection feature in a laptop because it is an added advantage.

Dell XPS M1710 red exterior
XPS red exterior

It also has all the port connections you would ever think about. Think about it, and you have it there. These ports includes USBs, modem, S-Video, DVI, and many others including a 5-in-1 memory card reader.

Dell XPS M1710 Metallic
M1710 Metallic

This Dell XPS laptop computer is way to much for one person to have. These features put together gives you a machine, that can perform anything it is ask to do.

Dell Latitude D830

This laptop is a desktop replacement, that combines high performance with business features.

Dell  Latitude D830
Dell Latitude D830

The features in this laptop notebook is wonderful for those who are considering purchasing a laptop that will serve you in terms of graphics, and modelling applications.

Dell  Latitude D830 black
Latitude D830 black

With this laptop notebook you get an amzing screen display of what digital image you have. Also, information technologist have fancied this laptop because it provides them with a speed in processor, and features that enables their services. This laptop notebook is fit, and capable of performing anything. Try it...

Dell Latitude D830 photos
Dell D830 photos

Again, you should value its weight which less than 6 pounds. Many laptop in this category weigh much more than that.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

XPS 2010 best design

The Dell XPS 2010 is one of the best designs that Dell has produced. It has a sleek design, with a very high quality. Its design is very attractive as it gets your attention no matter how rigid you are.

Dell XPS 2010
Dell XPS 2010 best design

Some of the features of the Dell XPS 2010 notebook computer that will make you scream includes its 20-inch screen size. I am so happy about that, because i love large screens.

Dell XPS 2010 closed
XPS 2010 closed

Again, you have detachable Bluetooth keyboard which you can even without sitting near you laptop. I guess you understand what i mean. You can sit on your couch, and operate your laptop notebook on your laptop table, isn't that amazing?
It doesn't end there. You also have very solid gaming performance which makes gamers rush for this laptop notebook.
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