Saturday, April 16, 2011

Free Dell laptop

There are some laptop company, or stores who give free Dell laptop, but this depends on certain conditions that are met. There are also so many requirements you need to meet, in other to get this free laptop.

free Dell laptop
free Dell laptop

Let's see how it works:
1. First, you have to sign up. Some sign up forms are available online. Then after signing up, you will decide on which gift you want, and then refer about 18-24 friends, who will in turn sign up for the same offer.

2. After that's done, they give you your free laptop, and they have it shipped to your home.
This actually sounds very simple, but it happens.

All though many store that offer free laptops are scams but there are also genuine one.
The problem is how do you know this genuine one.

First, look into the history of the free laptop offer, and see how many people have benefitted from the offer. You should also get the addresses of some of the people who have benefitted so that you can personally get in touch with them.

Geting this information will actually save you from being scammed. Now when you see the statistics of those who have benefitted from this free laptop offer, if it runs into hundreds of thousand, then thats a good sign that they are real. But if you see a few thousands, the you better take to this advice, don't go into it.
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