Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop

Certain laptop pc can actually cost a fortune, and at the end of the day not function as desired.

Dell Inspiron 6400

I had a friend who purchased a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop pc. When he bought it, he thought the Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop pc will meet all his required laptop needs. At a point, the Dell laptop pc developed a fault with its hard drive. It had an overheating problem. This was quite unbelievable for a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop pc. Actually, Dell laptop never have problem with overheating, but this was an exception.

We had the laptop pc returned to the store where bought it, and made a complain about the overheating. Then we were asked to return after a 2 weeks.

We were exactly there 2 weeks after, and we were told that the laptop pc was mishandled but it had been fixed.

Mishandled by who? It was right there i made a personal decision that any other laptop pc i will buy, i will make sure it is quite rugged enough to overcome mishandling problems.

A week later, i bought my laptop pc, but this time, it was an Asus G1-AK005U laptop pc. I was convinced that i will function right, and well enough.

Surprisingly, it did function well. I have been using it for about 16 months now, and my laptop pc has never gone to a repairs shop, or back to where i bought.

There are many strong laptop pc that will meet your needs if you are a careless handler. Such laptop pcs includes Compaq, Panasonic, Asus, Toshiba, and some other strong makes of laptop pc.

Don't just waste your money on stylish, but weak laptop pcs, go for the best, that's the advice.
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